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These calculators enables you to calculate your approximate maximum borrowing capacity, and to work out your monthly, fortnightly or weekly loan repayments.  In addition, you can vary the interest rate or the repayment amount, and see the effect this has on your loan term (how long it will take you to pay off your loan).   These calculators also enable you to calculate the dollar savings you will obtain by making additional repayments - so for example, if you open the "Extra Repayments and Interest Savings Calculator" and enter a $300,000 loan amount, a 6.0% interest rate, a 30 year term, and extra payments of $200 per month starting in month 0, you will see that you will save $89,891 in interest over the loan term - that's certainly worth doing if you can afford it !  Plus you will pay off your loan in 23 years  & 3 months - instead of 30 years !

PLEASE NOTE - The 3 calculators below are being upgraded and will be temporarily unavailable. In the meantime, please use the excellent set of calculators on the NAB website (opens in a new window). CLICK HERE.

Maximum Borrowing Capacity Calculator. [HERE]

Monthly / Fortnightly Repayment Calculator. [HERE]

Extra Repayments and Interest Savings Calculator. [HERE]