Our Financial Services

Michael is a qualified Accountant. Michael holds a Batchelor of Commerce degree (Accounting & Financial Systems) plus a Diploma of Financial Services in Financial Planning, plus a 2nd Diploma of Financial Services in Mortgage Broking. Michael was one of Australia's youngest qualified investment advisors at age 23, so he has seen a thing or two in the last 25 years, including watching the great Stockmarket Crash of Oct 1987 from the floor of the ASX exchange (they used chalkboards to post their trades back then!). While the past 12 years have been focussed mainly on Mortgage Broking, we are now offering a broader range of financial services, in conjunction with external fully licensed partners. Below is a brief summary of these Financial Services. (We will be expanding & updating the content shortly).

  • Home and Investment Loans
  • Margin Lending Loans
  • Motor Vehicle Leasing & Hire Purchase
  • Equipment and Machinery Leasing & Hire Purchase
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Wealth Building with Property
  • Property Depreciation Reports and Negative Gearing
  • Borrowing to Buy an Investment Property in a SMSF
  • Company Registrations and set up
  • Trust Deed set up
  • Tax Returns via external Licensed Third Parties
  • Financial Planning only available via external Licensed Third Parties

Our Loan Services - How The Process Works

Michael and his team are highly qualified finance professionals. As well as being a qualified accountant & financial planner, Michael also holds a Diploma in Mortage Broking, and has over 20 years finance and lending experience. Our professional service both during the loan application process, and after loan settlement sets a very high standard in the industry.  Our process and our commitment to you, is as follows:-

  • At our initial meeting we will discuss your requirements, give some feedback on your current financial situation, and set out your medium and long term objectives.
  • We will analyse the information and determine which banks and lenders from our panel offer the loan products that best match your requirements and objectives.
  • We use sophisticated loan software to compare a wide range of loan products, including interest rates, loan features, and loan fees.  We also set out the government stamp duties, estimate your legal and search fees, and calculate your monthly / weekly loan repayment.
  • We will discuss with you in depth, the details of the loan products that we recommend, and explain the various options available to you.
  • Having agreed with you which lender and product best suits your requirements and financial objectives, we will assist you to complete the loan application.  We add some detailed background notes explaining what you want, and listing the strengths of your loan application.  Then together with your supporting documentation (payslips, etc) we submit you loan application to the lender.
  • We follow up regularly with the lender, to ensure that your loan application is being processed smoothly and efficiently, that the property valuation is done promptly, and your approval is granted prior to the cooling off period in your contract.
  • Once your loan has been approved, we meet with you to explain the mortgage documents, and assist you by witnessing them.
  • We are available to you at all times following settlement, and encourage you to call us if you ever have any questions regarding your loan.

Please contact us for the latest interest rates, for loan repayment calculations, stamp duty and fee estimates, to see how much you can borrow, or to discuss your eligibility for a loan.

Loan Comparison Software

To assist our clients with an objective analysis of a vast range of loan products, and interest rates we use sophisticated loan comparison software.  This software is instantly linked to the latest bank interest rates, product features and fees and charges.

It is the best in the industry.  To download examples of our loan comparison software, click here.

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